Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pic of Kiddos..........

I have the hardest time getting all my kids to cooperate when trying to get a group shot. Somebody is always scowling, frowning, angry, pouting, or just plain unhappy.

Finally here is one that I am partially satisfied with........................

Friday, December 19, 2008

Run! Don't walk... to your local Pfaltzgraff store.......

I really hate seeing businesses close, we are seeing way too many close down lately but.......... I do love a good sale. Pfaltzgraff retail stores are closing down and they will now only have their website. My local store will only be open about another week and items are 60% - 90% off. I have found some awesome bargains. I love crockery style serving dishes but can't usually afford them. Take a look at these 5 items that I got for under $25.00.
Debating if this will be a utensil container or if it will go outside to join my collection in the garden.

I envision a nice batch of freshly baked homemade crescent rolls in this serving dish.

Hmmm, maybe a platter for ham slices.Hark! I am having another vision..... I am standing in the kitchen on Christmas morn in my fluffy white apron, pouring battter into the waffle iron.And my favorite find of all........ I can just see this in the center of the table piled high with paella. I have never made paella before but there is a first time for everything.


I love poinsettias but I can never seem to buy one for myself every year. I always think my hubby should surprise me and buy me one. That never happens. This year I started tossing hints to my daughter so she could toss hints to her daddy so that he would buy me one. Things didn't quite work out the way I had planned. Daughter comes back to me and relays the message that daddy says if I want one to go buy it myself. OK then, one poinsettia added to the weekend grocery list. Hubby must have felt a little guilt though because the next day when he came home he had a little poinsettia for me........... stress the word LITTLE. It is the SMALLEST poinsettia I have ever seen. I controlled myself and didn't laugh when he gave it to me because I didn't want to hurt his feelings. Now of course I can not go buy myself another beautiful full poisettia because that would also hurt his feelings........

Sigh, note for Christmas 2009, Buy My Own Poinsettia!

note- this pic really does not convey how small this plant really is

2008 Christmas Tree................

Kind of hard to tell from this picture but I don't think I can possible squeeze another ornament in on my tree........

And can somebody seriously tell me what is wrong with my angel. I really love my angel with the old fashioned stained glass apearance. Problem is my kids think this angel is ugly. My feelings are so hurt, I just love her.

I am a painting fool..................

I love painting crafts. Actually I like many different crafts and activities but I have a tough time focusing on one for any length of time. I float back and forth from sewing, to knitting, to crocheting, to scrapbooking, to beading, to painting, to geneaology, to photography............ well you get the idea. Lately I have been in a painting mood so I have been busy painting as many Christmas objects as I can.

Noel ..... this was a simple project to paint, sorry the pic is blurry.
New Christmas ornaments to add to the tree. The little one on the right that says 2008 BFF has a story that I will try to share today. Two new additions to my Christmas Village...........
The Sweet shop, painted last week....
The cobbler shop also painted in the last couple weeks......The general store painted in a past year......The old red barn painted in a past year......And finally the little whited church also painted in a past year....... (needs a few touch ups)And last but not least a nutcracker. Oldest darling daughter was in our cities performance of the Nutcracker this year. I have decided that I will paint one every year that she makes it into the performance. I will also paint one for second dd if she makes it and maybe for any future grandchildren that make it into the performance

Monday, December 1, 2008


There is a popular saying that says ' God will never give you more than you can handle'. Sometimes you just want to sit back and say 'enough already'! Sometimes you feel like your shoulders can take no more weight.

This has been especially trying year for my family and today this poem came to mind...................

Footprints in the Sand

One night I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord.
Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky.
In each scene I noticed footprints in the sand.
Sometimes there were two sets of footprints,
other times there were one set of footprints.

This bothered me because I noticed
that during the low periods of my life,
when I was suffering from
anguish, sorrow or defeat,
I could see only one set of footprints.

So I said to the Lord,
"You promised me Lord,
that if I followed you,
you would walk with me always.
But I have noticed that during
the most trying periods of my life
there have only been one
set of footprints in the sand.
Why, when I needed you most,
you have not been there for me?"

The Lord replied,
"The times when you have
seen only one set of footprints in the sand,
is when I carried you."

by.................Mary Stevenson

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Our first garden salad................

Straight from garden to table..................

The salad was really delicious. I don't know how to describe mesclun other than saying maybe it has a nutty flavor. Unless................. you accidentally mix a weed in with the mix. As you can tell from the appearance mesclun is a mixture of different leaves and it is easy to mistake a weed. Let me tell you a weed doesn't taste as good.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sweet Sixteen...................

I am feeling pretty old today. My daughter turned 16 on Monday.
I found this poem on the internet and it says it all.Sweet Sixteen
Back when you were very small, which seems like days ago
We heard them say 'enjoy her now, so short the time they grow'
How right they were as we recall it hasn't been that long
Since you were just that little girl, to you our hearts belong
We blink and look and there you are, so beautiful and grown
Your long red hair and perfect smile, we could have never known
Tenacious, strong and full of life, is what we see in you
We know you'll get all that you want, just keep it all in view
Although there's been some ups and downs we wouldn't change a day
For you have brought more joy to us, so much we can't convey
These pages of your life so far can't show you're greatest feat
How proud we are of you today with every goal you meet
Today you turn sixteen but still our baby girl you are
We know your spirit and your dreams will take you very far

Swiss Chard..................

......such a delicious vegie. It is growing really well and we can't get enough of it. Our fave recipe so far.....


One bunch swiss chard
1/4 cp diced onion
1 minced garlic clove
1 tbs vegetable oil
1 tbs butter
1/4 cup white wine
salt to taste
parmesan cheese

Dice onion, mince garlic, and rough chop swiss chard, discarding the toughest part of the red stalk.
Saute the onion and garlic in the oil and butter until just transclucent.
Add chard and wine and saute until chard has wilted down.
Lightly salt to taste. Serve with a few slivers of cheese on top.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Todays Harvest.......................

Every time I think that my summer plants are surely done..................... It has started cooling down quite a bit now so maybe the summer plants will be finished. Today I harvested all of the large eggplant but there are still several small ones left. Same with the okra, still a lot of very small ones left. There are more peppers on the bush that I wil bring in this week.

And this is my very first swiss chard harvest. Just enough for ME!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Crazy Neighbor Lady.........................

Yesterday I made my daily trip out to the mailbox, dreading those bills that I always find there. There wasn't much in the mailbox yesterday but there was one large manilla envelope. As I headed back to the house I looked at the address on the envelope and it was from the student of the month department at the highschool. OMG I was excited to read that, I knew for sure my cheerleader, straight A, sophmore student had made student of the month. So I started to rip the envelope apart as I continued towards the house. As I began to read the letter I stopped dead in my tracks and began to laugh hysterically. It took all my willpower to not fall to the ground and roll around in hysterics. My son, my challenging child, my child who you have to fight with about homework, my child who has to smart off all the time and talk back, my son made student of the month. There are a totally of 10 students who make student of the month every month at a school of over 3000 student. What are the odds. As I sit here typing this I am still shaking my head in disbelief.

..... and why the title Crazy Neighbor Lady. Because all of my neighbors must think I am insane from that crazy, hysterical, cackeling laughter I let loose with yesterday!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Guess what she is.....................

Hmmmmmm, can you guess?

My oldest daughter is in a Early Childhood class in highschool. Today they will be taking the children around to classrooms to trick or treat. Of course since they are just 3-4 years old the teens can't really dress up in a scary costume. This is pretty mild don't you think?

This is not a good thing.................

Ugh! My oldest daughter came strolling out of her bathroom a couple days ago to show me this. I am not sure how she even noticed it. It was located on a high shelf in the bathroom and it is hard to imagine her dragging her eyes away from her reflection to notice anything at all.

Anyways.... this is pretty nasty stuff. It is all slimey and moldy inside. I don't know if the fact I got this from a dollar store has anything to do with it but I honestly think I will stick with my glade plugins.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Planted a couple fall flower beds today.......

Updated Garden Pics....................

Just a few updated garden pics.............

Brussels Sprouts
Swiss Chard


Mesclun..... salad mix

Collard Greens

Mustard Greens

Turnip Greens




Sugar Snap Peas


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thank goodness for garden gloves..................

For the last couple weeks I have been working diligently at extending my garden. It isn't an easy process. The section that I am working on had heavy bermuda grass. Bermuda is a real bugger to remove. It has deep, tangled, invasive roots. And if you come to a point that you think you have it all, guess again.

My method is to dig up a big chunk of ground, drop it back down to the ground and reach down with my gloved hands to start wiggling out the grass and roots. I am lucky I was paying close attention yesterday because as I flipped over a chunk of ground and was just getting ready to reach into the soil I saw this little critter..................................ICK!! I still have goosebumps today. This little guy is pretty small and the smaller they are the more poisonous they are.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Things that make you go hmmmmmmm..........

Or maybe a better title would be "My Big Fat Greek Wedding Meets the Arizona Desert".

While taking my oldest daughter to a birthday party yesterday we passed this house literally in a very secluded desert area. No landscaping, no driveway, nada. A couple of bronze statues sitting on a bench on the front porch though....... another thing that makes you go hmmmmm.