Sunday, February 17, 2008

O'Odham Tash Parade 2008

My son was in a parade on Saturday. He is the dude in the front corner carrying the red flag.

I enjoy seeing all the bright colors at the parade.

I have no idea what these rainbows signify but several children were carrying them in the parade.

And aren't these young ladies beautiful on their horses.

And more very bright colors.

What can you say about this ....................somebody has to keep the emergency room docs busy.

What would a parade be without a memeber of the Red Hat Society being present.

We were so lucky to have a beautiful clear day. It rained most of the day on Friday. It started out very cold in the morning but luckily warmed up a bit. One lesson learned that day................... hot chocolate is better at Chevron and costs much less than Starbucks.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Our trip to the snow....................

We took a road trip up north a bit last weekend to see if we could find some snow to play in. We didn't find much but we saw some amazing scenery along the way.
A stream along the way.

Picketpost Mountain, south of Superior Arizona.

A one way bridge along the way.
Another stream along the way.
And one final stream along the way.
A beautiful mountain.
The great snow tower competition. Who do you think is the winner?
This looks like it might have been a school. I have a thing for old buildings. I always wish I could go in and look around. Of course that would be after some hunky guy goes in and clears out the spiders and mice.