Friday, November 7, 2008

The Crazy Neighbor Lady.........................

Yesterday I made my daily trip out to the mailbox, dreading those bills that I always find there. There wasn't much in the mailbox yesterday but there was one large manilla envelope. As I headed back to the house I looked at the address on the envelope and it was from the student of the month department at the highschool. OMG I was excited to read that, I knew for sure my cheerleader, straight A, sophmore student had made student of the month. So I started to rip the envelope apart as I continued towards the house. As I began to read the letter I stopped dead in my tracks and began to laugh hysterically. It took all my willpower to not fall to the ground and roll around in hysterics. My son, my challenging child, my child who you have to fight with about homework, my child who has to smart off all the time and talk back, my son made student of the month. There are a totally of 10 students who make student of the month every month at a school of over 3000 student. What are the odds. As I sit here typing this I am still shaking my head in disbelief.

..... and why the title Crazy Neighbor Lady. Because all of my neighbors must think I am insane from that crazy, hysterical, cackeling laughter I let loose with yesterday!

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