Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oops, forgot to update about the movie.........

Everything went fairly smoothly. We were one of the first groups in line so were seated in the first theatre. In all they opened 6 theatres for the movie. We were in a theatre that seats 300 and it was completely filled.

Luckily they didn't make us stand in line for hours, they allowed people into the theatres to sit and relax (and purchase from the concessions of course).

The movie.... well it was ok. As an adult it probably wouldn't be my top choice on my list. But the girls really enjoyed it and that was what the night was all about anyways.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hmmm, what luck........

Competition practice is cancelled tonight so we can line up for the movie extra early.

"New Moon" release tonight.......

and I can not believe what we are doing. Cheergirls request for her birthday was to go to the opening of "New Moon". It opens at midnight tonight which just happens to be a school night and a work night. But I relented and bought the tickets a few weeks ago.

So I work 10 hours today, hope to get a short nap in after work, line up for the movie probably a couple hours before it starts, movie at midnight and work 10 hours tomorrow. Cheergirl swears she won't miss school tomorrow. If she has perfect attendance she doesn't have to take finals and she has a couple classes she dreads finals.

Oh and one monkey wrench in the plan... cheergirl has competition practice tonight from 7:30-9:30 :( . So origami girl and I will line up at the theatre and daddy will have to pick up cheergirl and bring her to meet us. It may be totally unnecessary but I think lining up early is the way to go to make sure we get seats together. But can I really handle a couple hours in line with a bunch of squeally teen girls...... ugh!

To be in your children's memories tomorrow you must
be in there lives today.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cheergirls Blood Donation Experience..........

Cheergirl is a big wimp who barely meets the weight requirement to donate blood, but she really wanted to donate this year.

Yesterday was donation day at the high school.

So cheergirl is sitting in her chair awaiting her turn and across from her is a lady being prepped for her donation. The needle of course is larger than they use for a standard blood draw at the dr's office. They couldn't find the lady's vein so of course they are rotating and digging in. All the while poor little cheergirl is sitting there watching and cheergirl suddenly breaks out crying.

Counselor "don't worry hun, they are just having a hard time finding her vein"

Cheergirl (to self) "I can do this, I can do this"

Mean Nurse to cheergirl "Okay it is your turn. If you jump....... you are outta here, if you cry....... you are outta here"

Cheergirl "Is it a big needle?"

Mean Nurse "Yes"

Cheergirl "I'm outta here"

The end.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The best laid schemes o' mice an' men..........

(quote from John Steinbeck novel)

My best laid plans always go awry. Tried to get into the groove of blogging in October but was just way too busy. High school football is over now so maybe I can catch my breath.

Cheergirl is busy as always, regular cheer practice is a bit more laid back for the moment but competition practice is in full swing.

Origami girl tried out for soccer a few weeks ago and didn't make it but isn't really disapointed. She is busy as always with her writing and drawing and watching youtube singers for hours. The kid has a strong artistic streak.

Pizza boy..... sigh...... has hopefully given up on the one job he really wanted and is finally starting to put in applications again. Everyone keep their fingers crossed for him that he can find something soon.

And for your veiwing pleasure today................. I know it is kind of dark but origami girl would have know I was there if I turned on the light LOL......