Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Great Prom Dress Hunt of 2010....... (part 1)

Well we are on the hunt for a prom dress and it is not proving to be easy. Cheergirl has a dress that I really love that we bought over the summer but it is short. She has decided short will not work, she want's a long dress. So far most stores we have visited have mostly short dresses and just a few long. We recently headed up to Phoenix and hit a mall with very little success. Currently we are just in the "TRY ON DRESSES" phase.

This is a dress we picked up in the off season at Dillards. We really love this one and she would be perfectly satisfied if it were long.
This one was very nice, very similar in coloring and gold glitteriness to the short one one above. The back lace up seems very strained though.
Hmmmm, cheergirl really liked this one but there are some obvious things I object to. Just a wee bit too much skin showing on the back and up the sides. There would be some serious issues when she dances. I call this one the Jessica Rabbit dress.
Not bad.

Hmmm, bit of skin showing on the low back on this one too.

My favorite. Good support up top. Good color with the red hair and skin tone.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Our Yearly Poppy Hunt.......

Every year we take a short day trip to Box Canyon which is just northeast of Florence. Some years we are lucky, plenty of rain so plenty of poppies and some years are a dud. Last year was a dud so I was very pleased to find so many poppies this year.

A little ways before the canyon, but just shows there is actually a little bit of green in Arizona
The hill around this saguaro was covered in poppies

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Adventures in Sourdough........

I really enjoy baking and am always on the hunt for great recipes. I have found a basic sandwich bread recipe that I adore and have decided to now move on and experiment with sourdough. I have used had a sourdough starter before but it was never as active as the one I started this week.

I am a big fan of the website and they have a fantastic sourdough recipe.

I chose to make sourdough pancakes for my first experiment with my sourdough.

The recipe starts the night before with a cup of sourdough and a couple cups of flour and water. I was really pleased to see the activity the next morning. This is a whole wheat starter hence the offwhite color.This recipe made some delicious pancakes. Everyone asked for more.