Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's that time of year.......

It's English Toffee time!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pizza Boy.....

Guess it is time to change Pizza Boys name since he hasn't been Pizza Boy for a while. Think we will change his name to Security Boy. Security Boy did work as a buffet runner for a while at a local casino but has now gone on to bigger and ?better? things. Security boy got his Arizona Guard card a couple months ago and is now working as a security guard. His current post is at the Scottsdale Waterfront. Crazy hours and a lot of walking. Maybe with all that walking we will eventually call him Toothpick Boy.

Mock Trial.........

Origami girl is at it again. Always surprising me with the things she is interested in. This year she is in a mock trial class in school and a few weeks ago they had a practice session court. I took some time off work to go watch and it was very interesting. Poor Origami Girl had the misfortune to be the very first speaker of the day, no time to make herself sick with fear. Origami Girl gave the opening statement for the first case, she did a pretty good job of standing up and speaking. Way better than I could ever do. I simply have no desire to ever speak in front of a group of people.

Hoping to add the video later today of her opening statement.

Cheergirl's Winter Dance Performance.....

Cheergirl had her Winter Dance Performance last Saturday. I can not believe it but I actually convinced Jack to go. Most of the dances were identical, same general movements, just different people and costumes so it did get pretty boring. Cheergirl's dance was a bit different from the rest though so it kept us awake.

Cheergirl has been absolutely giddy with excitement because she had a lead part in the dance.

Florida Trip...

Cheergirl's trip to Florida is over. Thank Goodness! She had an awesome time. This is the first time she has ever flown and thankfully all went pretty well. She did get a bit sick on the plane on the last leg of the trip. She had a snack of ice cream on her last layover in Atlanta and it didn't really sit well on her stomach once she was back in the air. Thankfully it passed and she didn't hurl.

The weather was nice while they were in Florida so the taping for the Christmas day parade went smoothly. I can't wait to see it on television. The CGUHS spiritline must have impressed the choreographers because they were positioned in the first few rows of the parade. Taping went so smoothly that they were left with quite a bit of free time to visit the Disney Parks.

I am so happy for Sarah that she got this experience, but honestly so glad that it is over. All the fundraising we did was absolutely exhausting.

Wednesday, December 15th

Todays Goal.....