Friday, April 15, 2011

What a relief......

Our taxes are done and it wasn't as bad as I expected.

Son's taxes are done and those came out better than we expected for him too.

FAFSA has been refiled with updated tax information.

What a relief to have those things off my mind!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cheer Banquet Video........

Last week was the final event for Sarah as a cheerleader..... the Cheer Banquet. Very bittersweet! Sarah got several awards including best dancer, best at jumps and Sarah gets the honor of going with the coach to the end of year sports banquet. The coach always gets to come and bring two cheerleaders with her so it is a real honor.

I was the lucky parent who got the honor of making the cheer video this year.

For your viewing pleasure....

2010/2011 spiritline video

the password is..... spiritline

Ahhh 2011 where are you going....

I can not believe we are into April already. Time goes so fast. I had high hopes that 2011 would at the very least start out relaxing but not so. EVERYTHING as always revolves around the kiddos..... I need a vacation from anything school related. Where to begin... well lets start with oldest this time and move down.

Valet boy, hmmm, well the best of valet season is over so once again no income. He will need to hunt for ANYTHING to bring in some income. With college starting soon for Cheergirl we had to start harping on Valet boy to get a vehicle. He finally started saving and has bought a motorcycle. I am pretty unhappy about that situation. Not much else happening for Valet boy right now except that he had jury duty last week and really enjoyed it.

Cheergirl, I really need to think of a new name for her now. Cheer is over and I simply can not believe it. She has been in dance classes since about four years of age and cheer probably starting about eight years old. I have no clue what she will do with her time now. She does need to start looking for a job now to start saving for college expenses. My vote if for the new Joann's store that is coming into town so she can get me a store discount. Speaking of college....... oh so overwhelming. We have her signed up for her classes which was no easy job. The academic adviser explained what she will need to take and led us to the computer to figure out her schedule on our own.... NOT EASY! We are also waiting to hear if she will be qualifying for any grants, our fingers are crossed.

Origami girl seems to be the busiest of the kids right now. Very busy with mock trial. They are preparing a new case which will be kind of a performance for a couple grade schools. Origami girl also kept quite busy with her science project this year and a couple weeks ago her school had a science fair. Next week is the state science fair so she is supposed to be going to the city three days in a row...... SLOW DOWN Origami girl.

Hubby and I... nothing new. We work, work, work, trying to keep everyone fed.

Garden is off to a good start for the summer. Luckily I have most of the ground turned and cleared of bermuda grass so most of the work this year was just planting. With all my aches and pains I don't see how I could ever turn that soil with a shovel again. After seeing the price of squash at 3.50 a pound I had no choice but to get a garden in this year. Fingers crossed for an amazing crop this year.