Friday, December 19, 2008

Run! Don't walk... to your local Pfaltzgraff store.......

I really hate seeing businesses close, we are seeing way too many close down lately but.......... I do love a good sale. Pfaltzgraff retail stores are closing down and they will now only have their website. My local store will only be open about another week and items are 60% - 90% off. I have found some awesome bargains. I love crockery style serving dishes but can't usually afford them. Take a look at these 5 items that I got for under $25.00.
Debating if this will be a utensil container or if it will go outside to join my collection in the garden.

I envision a nice batch of freshly baked homemade crescent rolls in this serving dish.

Hmmm, maybe a platter for ham slices.Hark! I am having another vision..... I am standing in the kitchen on Christmas morn in my fluffy white apron, pouring battter into the waffle iron.And my favorite find of all........ I can just see this in the center of the table piled high with paella. I have never made paella before but there is a first time for everything.

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