Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I Am Not A Happy Camper........

Pizza Boy went tubing down the Salt River on Monday. Seriously doesn't make me happy, I don't see FUN, I see DANGER.

The river is about a 2 hour drive away. Pizza Boy was supposed to call and let me know they arrived but of course that never happened. He was also supposed to call and let me know when they got off the river and that never happened either.

Pizza boy had fun but there are a couple things that still just make me sick to my stomach. When you get to the river you have to take a bus up to the drop off point. So off they go with their tubes and ice chest and rope etc etc. When the boys got to the drop off point they got all tied up together. One of the brand new tubes he had just bought had a hole in it so that one was tossed in the garbage. They tied the remaining tubes and ice chest together and they were on their way. A little way into the trip the ice chest flipped! They lost all but two bottles of water and all of their snacks. This is the really stupid part. It is a four hour trip down the river and they recommend at two bottles of water per person per hour. So out of sixteen bottles they only had two, NOT GOOD! Of course being young boys they float on down the river anyways. I can't forget to mention it was about 117 on Monday.

And what do you think they forgot to do at the beginning of the trip? They forgot to put on sunscreen. They were fried. They are both so lucky they didn't end up in the hospital! And they are very lucky they had more water in the car.

So on the way home the boys stopped to get a burger. They are about 35 minutes away and I FINALLY get a call from them that I have been waiting for all day. Pizza Boy says, oh we had fun but I have a slight problem, I just locked my keys in the car. Sigh. I was still working so hubby who had just gotten home had to hop in the car and drive right back up to the city.

Ahh the stress. And the boys are planning on going again soon. They certainly need to come up with a better rig for the ice chest.

(these pictures were borrowed from the internet)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Cheer Baskets.......

About a month ago the cheer squad had a fundraiser dinner with gift baskets that were bid upon. Each cheerleader brought at least one basket. I made a little cheergirl basket. It went over well enough that the coach asked me to make a few for the Kiddie Kamp fundraisers they are having this week and next.

The Unnamed Dog........

Welcome to the family the as yet to be named dog. At least she will pose for the camera. Bandit, my big old border collie takes off running if he sees a camera in anyone hands.

Origami Girl found this creature in the back of our yard behind a shed on Wednesday. She went back to try and get her out but the dog was missing, we thought maybe she had gotten out of the yard and gone back home, wherever that is. Thursday my son saw that the poor thing as still in the yard. So we became her foster family. We called animal control to make a report and put posters all over the neighborhood. We have had no results sadly. If her true owner does turn up I will happily turn her over. But it appears the kids have bonded and she may be staying. Did I mention I do not like chihuahuas? So far though she is a very quiet dog. It seems that she may have been somebodies lap dog. It also appears that she has been hand fed a lot of people food which will have to come to a stop.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Give That Woman a TEN.........

ugh what a clutz I am.

For months and months I have really been suffering from plantar fasciitis. For the past week it has actually been feeling better. Went to the movies on Sunday with the girls for Origami girl's birthday. The girls of course chose the top row. I ran to the restroom before movie started and the previews were just starting as I climbed the steps. Ugh, almost to the top and clutzy me didn't lift my right foot high enough. Tore up my poor foot again and the whole right side of my body strained and achey.
My girls of course put on their concerned faces and said are you all right mom, but I know cheer girl better than that. I just know she wanted to jump up and hold up all 10 fingers and give me a score. Ahh what a relationship we have!