Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Welcome to the Good Ole USA.........

where speaking English appears to be optional......... Case in point, stop by your local motor vehicle department to pick up a learners manual so that your teen can study for their permit, only to be told..... sorry they don't currently have any manuals available in English, they only have Spanish available.

I am at a loss for words!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Walk cautiously and carry a big stick...........

yes I have taken some liberties with Teddy Roosevelt's phrase "speak softly and carry a big stick" but when you read this little tale I believe you will forgive me.

Last night I had to take my oldest up to Phoenix to start his training for his new job. He was only scheduled to be there for a few hours so I stayed in the city. Some time during the evening I received a text from my oldest daughter. The message was something roughly like this "MOM, little sis just saw a snake in the house". Ok! That really got my attention, but really don't you think that was deserving of a phone call rather than a text?

I really, really, really wish I had a picture to add to this post, but the bad news is, hubby couldn't find the snake. Daughter saw it slither under the furnace door. So my ever creative hubby stuffed books around the opening of the furnace door in hopes of blocking it from coming out (shaking my head in awe, wonder, confusion, laughter).