Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sweet Sixteen...................

I am feeling pretty old today. My daughter turned 16 on Monday.
I found this poem on the internet and it says it all.Sweet Sixteen
Back when you were very small, which seems like days ago
We heard them say 'enjoy her now, so short the time they grow'
How right they were as we recall it hasn't been that long
Since you were just that little girl, to you our hearts belong
We blink and look and there you are, so beautiful and grown
Your long red hair and perfect smile, we could have never known
Tenacious, strong and full of life, is what we see in you
We know you'll get all that you want, just keep it all in view
Although there's been some ups and downs we wouldn't change a day
For you have brought more joy to us, so much we can't convey
These pages of your life so far can't show you're greatest feat
How proud we are of you today with every goal you meet
Today you turn sixteen but still our baby girl you are
We know your spirit and your dreams will take you very far

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