Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Not for the faint of heart...................

I am on the hunt! For a nasty little gopher. You wouldn't think such a small creature could be so destructive. It isn't just the obvious mounds of dirt all over the place. The hidden menace are the tunnels that you can't see. You can be skipping across your yard, high on life, when BAM, you are flattened, twisted ankle, down for the count.

My main concern isn't really my lawn because be honest, how often does a middle aged woman skip across her lawn, high on life. No, for me my main concern is my garden. I have been fighting the mounds like crazy the last few weeks. I take a garden stake and poke away at the tunnels and blast the tunnels with water, in hopes that I can just chase the little bugger over to my neighbors. Honestly, I don't hate my neighbors, don't really even know them. It is just that they don't have gardens and I don't usually see them skipping around high on life either.

Anyways.................... my tactics have not been working so it is time for me to get serious. Poison is not an option because realistically would I want a chemical poison near my garden, not really. Time to pull out the gopher traps. Unfortunately gopher traps are not some cute little cage that I can trap the gopher and tote him off to a gopher rescue. Nope, gopher traps look like large rat traps with some nasty spikes.... oooh shiver!

So wish me luck, and if you are a PETA member, well all I can say is if you would like to come to my home and find a more humane way to cure my problem then come on over. There are quite a few eggplants out in the garden that you can nibble on to sustain yourself while you ponder this dilemma.

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