Monday, October 6, 2008

Homecoming Dance 2008

No my kids didn't go to the dance together. They both went stag with their friends. They even got out of the car at different times. Although daughters motive for getting out of the car later than her brother was actually to try and avoid the rain, not to avoid her brother (at least I think that was her motive).

The polka dots on daughters dress are actually a silver rather than the white that they appear in these pictures.

I would also like to point out daughters very sensible shoes. She enjoys dancing. Why on earth wear high heels. I found it very funny when I went to pick the kids up at 11:30 watching all the girls walking out of the dance in their heels. You could tell they were miserable, clomping across the parking lot.

Sorry these pictures are a bit on the orangeish side. We were rushing around town for a final errand and trying to get to the park before the sun set. We arrived at the park at the last possible minute before the sun was gone. It was a very orange sunset that night.

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