Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Give That Woman a TEN.........

ugh what a clutz I am.

For months and months I have really been suffering from plantar fasciitis. For the past week it has actually been feeling better. Went to the movies on Sunday with the girls for Origami girl's birthday. The girls of course chose the top row. I ran to the restroom before movie started and the previews were just starting as I climbed the steps. Ugh, almost to the top and clutzy me didn't lift my right foot high enough. Tore up my poor foot again and the whole right side of my body strained and achey.
My girls of course put on their concerned faces and said are you all right mom, but I know cheer girl better than that. I just know she wanted to jump up and hold up all 10 fingers and give me a score. Ahh what a relationship we have!

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