Monday, June 7, 2010

The Unnamed Dog........

Welcome to the family the as yet to be named dog. At least she will pose for the camera. Bandit, my big old border collie takes off running if he sees a camera in anyone hands.

Origami Girl found this creature in the back of our yard behind a shed on Wednesday. She went back to try and get her out but the dog was missing, we thought maybe she had gotten out of the yard and gone back home, wherever that is. Thursday my son saw that the poor thing as still in the yard. So we became her foster family. We called animal control to make a report and put posters all over the neighborhood. We have had no results sadly. If her true owner does turn up I will happily turn her over. But it appears the kids have bonded and she may be staying. Did I mention I do not like chihuahuas? So far though she is a very quiet dog. It seems that she may have been somebodies lap dog. It also appears that she has been hand fed a lot of people food which will have to come to a stop.

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