Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cheergirls Blood Donation Experience..........

Cheergirl is a big wimp who barely meets the weight requirement to donate blood, but she really wanted to donate this year.

Yesterday was donation day at the high school.

So cheergirl is sitting in her chair awaiting her turn and across from her is a lady being prepped for her donation. The needle of course is larger than they use for a standard blood draw at the dr's office. They couldn't find the lady's vein so of course they are rotating and digging in. All the while poor little cheergirl is sitting there watching and cheergirl suddenly breaks out crying.

Counselor "don't worry hun, they are just having a hard time finding her vein"

Cheergirl (to self) "I can do this, I can do this"

Mean Nurse to cheergirl "Okay it is your turn. If you jump....... you are outta here, if you cry....... you are outta here"

Cheergirl "Is it a big needle?"

Mean Nurse "Yes"

Cheergirl "I'm outta here"

The end.

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