Monday, November 16, 2009

The best laid schemes o' mice an' men..........

(quote from John Steinbeck novel)

My best laid plans always go awry. Tried to get into the groove of blogging in October but was just way too busy. High school football is over now so maybe I can catch my breath.

Cheergirl is busy as always, regular cheer practice is a bit more laid back for the moment but competition practice is in full swing.

Origami girl tried out for soccer a few weeks ago and didn't make it but isn't really disapointed. She is busy as always with her writing and drawing and watching youtube singers for hours. The kid has a strong artistic streak.

Pizza boy..... sigh...... has hopefully given up on the one job he really wanted and is finally starting to put in applications again. Everyone keep their fingers crossed for him that he can find something soon.

And for your veiwing pleasure today................. I know it is kind of dark but origami girl would have know I was there if I turned on the light LOL......

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