Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Never a Dull Moment................

Yesterday was a beautiful day. I took the day off to hang out with my kids. The girls and I decided to hop in the car and run a few errands. So we are driving along, headed to wally world, minding our own business.

Off to my left on a side road we hear the chirp of a police siren and we glance over to see a police car attempting to pull over a white SUV. Assuming that the officer had everything under control our attention went back to the road we were traveling on. Moments later we noticed that the white SUV was now traveling behind us. As far as we could tell it was an older woman driving the vehicle and there were no passengers. The officer was flashing his lights and we could now hear the siren going full speed, we were starting to get a little nervous because the lady wasn't pulling over.

At this point we had pulled up to a traffic light, there was a car stopped at the light ahead of me, there was a car that had stopped just to the right of me. There was nowhere for me to go, I had to stop right there at the light and the white SUV stopped right behind me. The officer stopped right behind the SUV and started shouting at the lady to get out of her vehicle. She never turned her head and never made any indication that she was aware he was even there.

All of a sudden three more police cars come whipping in from all directions. One is just to my right , just inches from our front bumper, my daughter in the front passenger seat can surely see the color of his eyes he is that close to us. All of the officers hop out of their cars and draw their weapons and aim at the SUV behind us shouting at the woman to turn off her car, to get out of her car etc etc. The whole time the lady continues to seem oblivious to the action. The whole time my girls and I are sitting there, trapped between the SUV behind us and the car sitting at the light in front of us, sitting there saying OMG OMG OMG. An officer finally approached the ladies window, I am not sure what he said to her but daughter was looking out the back window and could read the ladies lips and she said "I heard you".

The light in front of us finally turned green again and the car in front of us hesitated not knowing what to do but finally decided to pull out. Well heck, I wasn't hesitating, I pulled out of there too!! But curiousity got the better of me, I whipped around to the parking lot of the bank just to our right so I could get a view of what was happening. At that point it appeared the officers had gotten control of the situation and had instructed the lady to pull across the intersection and to the side of the road. Well heck I wouldn't be able to see a thing from this parking lot, so I had to move on to another parking lot for a better view.

The four police vehicles escorted the lady and the officers spoke to the lady for a while before......... a fire truck arrived. The a bit later an ambulance arrived. The lady was loaded up and taken to the hospital.

So our theory now is that maybe something was wrong with the poor lady to begin with. Maybe she was driving erratically and was in a state that she just wasn't aware of the situation around her.

Anyways......... later in the day as we told hubby/daddy our story he asked why we didn't duck down in the car when we saw all the weapons pulled out all around us. Eleven year old daughter tells dad "well we wouldn't have been able to see what was going on around us if we did that" DUH!

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