Thursday, February 5, 2009

Every family has a nut........................

and mine is 16 year old, redheaded, darling daughter. There is never a dull moment with her around. Today she stumbled across a pair of undies that she had forgotten existed and she was quite delighted. So delighted that she popped them on her head. Now dd (darling daughter) is into the hair phase where the girls tease a bit of a bump on the crown of their hair, she actually looks kinda cute with it. Well her undies fit nicely over her hair bump.

Well we all went on to doing other things, I was off to prepare dinner, hubby sat at computer to read the evening news, dd headed off to who knows where. A short while later I stepped outside to grab some lemons from the tree and here comes dd from outside the yard with a beet red face. DD asks..... mom why didn't you tell me I still had underwear on my head?

Apparently a neighbor had driven by, slowed down, backed up and asked dd if she knew she had panties on her head. I am thinking dd will never wear underwear as a hair accessory ever again.

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