Thursday, January 31, 2008

Our trip to the desert....................

Well our family took a trip out to the desert a couple weeks ago so I could see if I could catch some beautiful sunrise pictures. I shouldn't really say family because teen daughter stayed home in bed. No way was she willing to get up before the neighborhood roosters had even stirred. She is the city girl. Her vision of a perfect camping trip would be pitching a tent in the middle of the nearest shopping mall.

But I stray from my original topic. Trying to get some sunrise pics. I guess there are many more sunrises I can try because these didnt come out to great. I want to get a great silhouette of a cactus with the sunrise behind it. I realize now that I really need to get down on the ground and aim my camera up to get a good shot. Ah well I will try again another day. I did get a nice shot of some ruins at Sasco and doctored it up a bit with Paint Shop Pro.
So here are a couple shots from that day

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