Friday, January 11, 2008

Harley Come Home

November 17th two of our dogs got out of our yard. It wasn't the first time they have gotten out. We are always working on the fence trying to figure out how they do it. Usually they will just get out of the back yard enclosure and come around and hang out in the front yard until someone lets them in. Not this time. They were gone.

We searched and searched for days. We had posters all over the place. People called saying they had seen them but we could never get there in time. We were always in the right place wrong time. We were very worried because these two dogs are very skittish and we knew they wouldnt go to any stranger. So we knew nobody would ever be able to catch them.

I have called animal control, humane society etc. numerous times to see if they had any sightenings. Never any luck. There was one lady who got our number off the posters who called often to check and see if we had found them.

We kept this up for several weeks before we took our signs down and gave up. Finally several weeks after they had run away we received a very sad call. There was a possible sighting many many miles from our home but the dog was dead. My hubby and son went out and took care of it. It was definitely one of ours.

After that we totally gave up any hope. There was no way that the other dog could be alive. She is a very slender dog to begin with. She couldnt survive the desert elements. All we could do was hope that somebody had lured her in with food and she was safe and sound with a new family.

Fast forward to January 10th (today). I opened my front door at 6 AM to take my oldest to school. I couldn't believe who was on my doorstep. It was our other missing dog. Actually it frightened me for about a second. It was still very dark outside and this dog is mostly black with some white markings and has one dark eye and one blue eye.

It has been 54 days and here she is. Right on my doorstep!

She looks like she has been on the run the whole time she was gone. She is in pretty rough shape. She is very very thin. She is whining a bit. Definitely in some pain, won't put one of her back paws down. And her paws are covered in tar. I will probably have to shave most of those sections to remove the tar, luckily I do have dog clippers. We are going to feed her a little bit at a time today so that she doesnt over do it. She is sleeping most of the day away in between her feedings. I had to let my 10 year old daughter stay home today to help me out. I want to try and keep our returning dog apart from my other dog because I dont know how snappy she will be.

Well how is that for a feel good story for the day

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