Monday, March 7, 2016



I am seriously learning something every time. Still having issues with getting egg whites to whip as stiffly as they should.  I might purchase a new hand mixer just so I can have a whisk attachment.   I also learned this time to shorten the cooking time. I went for 15 minutes.  I also cooked most of these on my large double insuleted cookie sheet and a few remaining on my small thin cookie sheet.  The cookies on the large sheet are much prettier and the ones on the small cookie sheet look slightly over done.

I used the smae macaron recipe as the strawberry macarons and used a drop or two of orange flavoring and some  orange gel coloring.  Ummm, when done these cookies seriously smell like trix cereal  :(     I am not pleased with the smell but the flavor is good. They are smaller cookies, just slightly bigger than a quarter. They are smoother and have shine. A few little bumps here and there but at least I am not getting cracks.  Now that I have said that the next batch will crack.

3 tbs butter ( I  like salted)
1 cup powdered sugar
toothpick of gel vanilla flavoring
gel yellow coloring and red gel coloring
tsp orange zest
orange juice to create correct consistency for buttercream

Not too much of an air pocket.  You shouldn't be able to see an air pocket at all.  The outside should be crisp but when you bit into the cookie it should be slightly moist but full.

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