Monday, March 7, 2016



I learn something new on every attempt.  This time the macarons are smaller because I printed a template from online.  I prefer the slightly larger macarons.  I purchased a macaron one time in Scottsdale and it was closer to the half dollar size. I am calling this attempt a flop even though they look good.  I cooked them the full 19 minutes just as I did the strawberry macarons and that seems to be too long. They are too crunchy, though on the internet it says too crunchy is better than under done because it will absorb the moisture from the buttercream when you allow them to ripen.  
I also had issues with the egg whites this time.  They just would not form stiff peaks. It could be that I used a plastic boil that may have had some oily residue left. Or it could be that I had dumped the egg whites and granulated sugar into the mixing bowl and let it set while I prepared all of the other ingredients.  Maybe it is because I really need my whisk attachment and can not find it anywhere.

The macarons are on the small side, they are very crunchy on the outside, with a hollow on the inside when you bite into them. Not the perfect macaron.  They are smooth and shiny though.  Practice makes perfect.

Same recipe as the strawberry macarons with a couple drops of lemon extract and yellow gel food coloring.

Lemon Buttercream

3 tbs butter ( I  like salted)
1 cup powdered sugar
toothpick of gel vanillla flavoring
gel yellow coloring
tsp lemon zest
lemon juice to creat correct consistensy for buttercream

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