Friday, April 16, 2010


Well we experienced a near Promtastrophe today. Tomorrow is the prom. We found DD an awesome dress 2 weeks ago. DD has been very careful and has not been eating any junk food the last couple weeks and only drinking water. Not dieting, just being cautious.

So she gets home from school today and tries on her dress and it will NOT ZIP. OMG what are we going to do.I had a massive panic and crying attack. If anyone has bought a prom dress recently you can guess what I paid for it. I search thru my purse and find the receipt but the tags are missing from the dress. Thud, head hits the desk in frustration.

So I call Dillard's to see if there is any hope and there isn't, they need the tags attached. So after some more tears and distress we decide we will have to go buy another dress.... if we can even find one at such short notice.

So back to Dillard's we go. So DD is in the fitting room trying on new dresses and I tell the cashier what happened, I did not ask for any exceptions. So what does she do, she goes over to the telephone and calls somebody and gets permission to do an exchange for us. OMG I have never been so happy. Once we find dd a new dress and the cashier makes the exchange for us I immediately go to the customer service desk and talk to them about the wonderful service she offered. That woman needs a raise. I am seriously still in shock. Awesome customer service!


Jenny748 said...

you can tell with service like that they were not from a certain company,lol,no receipt no return!!

what is it we tell them again,oh yeah yes sir/ma'am you have a FULL 90 days, that is very generous! lol

Jenny748 said...

ohhhhhhhhhh and wait i forgot this bit, well sir/ma'am we do expect the cust to look after their own receipt,lol

Wolfangell9106 said...

Now now Jenny, perhaps you misread Cact's story..she DID have the receipt but didnt have the tags so therefore if this WONDERFUL CS lady was working for another 'certain' company she then should have said..I'm sorry ma'am without the original tags we have no proof the item is from our store therefore there is nothing we can do lol

On a much brighter note, Cact I'm glad you were able to make the exchange an actually got someone who was able to offer you EXCELLENT CS!!!!