Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Name Assignments.......

Wow sixteen days since my last post, shame on me.

Henceforth new names will be assigned to the characters on this blog. Oldest child, son, 18 year old creature from the planet Talkbackalot, shall now be called Pizza Boy. Middle child, daughter, 16 year old creature from the planet Textalot shall now be called Cheer Girl. Youngest child, daughter, 12 year old creature from the planet Moodyashell, shall now be called Origami Girl.

So Pizza Boy has now graduated from high school and is working. You guessed it.. at a pizza joint. He has already learned that there is a big difference from sitting at a desk for 7 hours compared to standing in a kitchen for 7 hours shaping pizzas, tossing wings, salads, etc. etc. He has been exhausted.... and usually quiet after his long day, which is a good thing. Pizza Boy has officially now opened his first checking acount, now he has to learn the joys of budgeting and trying to save for a car.

Cheer Girl, well we packed her off to cheerleading camp yesterday. This is her first time away from home. She has been to a few sleepovers with friends over the years but never any extended stays away with family or friends. Soooooo Cheer Girls highschool squad rode a schoolbus for 4 1/2 hours yesterday to their destination. I can only imagine what a miserable ride that was. They had been told they were getting a charter bus, no idea what happened with that. So here are all these cheerleaders, at least 40 girls, who each have a large suitcase, sleeping bag/bedding, and stuffed carry on bags. All of that stuff that would have fit nicely into a large compartment under a charter bus now has to be crammed into a small compartment under a school bus and in the back seats inside the school bus. I have been informed by Cheer Girl that the drive up to camp was pretty miserable too. As they climbed mountains the air conditioning had to be turned off on the bus, imagine, hot Arizona, hot sticky seats, two girls to a seat, no air, ick! So they finally get to the college where camp is being held and they arrive at their dorm rooms. The girls are on the fourth floor, no elevators, so they get to lug all their heavy gear up 3 flights of stairs. They get to their little rooms, they will be two girls to a room, and they find the rooms have no air conditioning. Not sure of the logic on that, this is still Arizona. Guess they figured nobody would ever stay in those rooms in the summertime. Luckily the cute little dorm rooms do have refrigerators so they can chill or freeze their water bottles. And frozen water bottles do come in very handy since Cheer Girls roommate has already been injured...... sigh fingers crossed everyone that Cheer Girl stays safe and unharmed because she is prone to being a bit of a clutz.

Now a bit on Origami Girl. It is a bit harder to come up with a paragraph on this kid. She isn't involved with any sports, no special interests except for origami and she is actually getting pretty good at that. She whiles away the summer hours, computer time, nintedo ds, and she is quite talented, sometimes she can do both of those at the same time. She did state yesterday that she will be happy when school starts back up, poor thing is bored. School does start in just a few weeks so that should make all of us happy.

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