Monday, July 20, 2009

Cheer Girl has returned.....

Well Cheer Girl made it home safe and sound on Saturday. She has had bits and pieces to share with us but for the most part has slept a lot. She is simply exhausted, so much so that I am a bit concerned. I am thinking spinach served with liver and onions would be a great meal until she feels more like herself.

There were a couple very exciting happenings at camp.

The first exciting happening is that Cheer Girl was nominated for the All American Team. During camp the representatives from NCA keep their eyes open for girls that catch their eye and nominate them. The girls tried out on Friday night. Cheer Girl didn't make it but she was already in a state of exhaustion and had no voice. Kudos to her for trying anyways. If she had made it she would have been going on a trip to Hawaii and a few other places.

The second exciting thing is that Cheer Girl's varsity squad won a trophy. Out of about 30+ different squads only five trophies were given. By winning the trophy they have to option to go to Florida and participate in the Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade. Kinda of scary thinking of one of my kids being all the way on the other side of the states but I have already talked to the coach and I am confident with her plans. It is her goal to have one adult chaperon for every 2-3 girls. Now comes the fundraising. The girls will be working their hiney's off the next few months trying to raise money for the trip. They will be learning what it means to work for something you really want.

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That is so awesome!!!!