Monday, June 27, 2011

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary How does Your Garden Grow.........

End of June and it is HOT.  Currently 118 degrees today and I expect it to get a couple degrees hotter.
 Garden is starting to struggle a bit.  Really wilts down in the midday heat and it is so hard for me to get out and water midday.

 After taking this pic I looked over at kitchen table and there are twice this many tomatoes in another bowl
 Wish  child would have stood in the corn for this picture.
 I just do lousy at green beans.
 The okra has started off lousy this year.  I have tried seeds and plants. Everything has wilted and dies and this is all that is currently left.
 Finally some okra blossoms.
 Ihave never tried onions before.  I picked up a package of onion sets from the store that looked half dead and I didn't expect to have any results.  Except for the fact that a dog has walked thru them they have done well. 
 Another squash plant. Looks like I will have some small white patty pan squash soon.
 Redneck trellis with cucumbers on both sides and tomatoes on both ends.
 Yello squash peeking out.
 Massive tomato monster.  Yellow pear tomatoes grow massive and they are very heat tolerant.
 Yellow pear tomato, pulling trellis over.
 Yellow squash

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