Tuesday, March 15, 2011

No post since December?????

I was positive I had done some posting but I guess not. The beginning of the school year was so overwhelming and busy with all the fundraising that once Cheergirl took her trip to Florida I guess I crashed and burned.

Origami Girl remains as busy as ever. It is a fight to get the computer away from her. She loves editing her little movies that she puts on Youtube. If not making a movie she is always writing something. She has stacks of notebooks and keeps the word processor on the computers pretty busy. Origami Girl is also staying very involved at school. She has a mock trial class and a couple of weeks ago they went on a trip to the county courthouse to have a mock trial. Origami Girl played a witness and I thought she did very, very well. I couldn't have done it. With some of the students you could really see how nervous they were but Origami Girl seemed calm and collected and knew her answers and responded properly to the examination by the attorneys. Origami Girl is also in the book club at school and this past weekend they took a trip to Tucson to a writers festival. She was in seventh heaven. She was pretty pleased that she even got an autograph by an author.

Ahhhh Cheer Girl. It is kind of sad that I won't be calling her that much longer. Cheer season is actually over and she only really has two more events to help out with. Cheer try outs are next week for next season and as an outgoing senior she will be helping with that. Then will be the final cheer banquet at the end of this month. Maybe I will start calling her College Girl now. There is so much to learn and understand about college and I am trying to soak it all in. Trying to get guidance, well that is a joke. I really thought Academic Advisers were more helpful than they are. We took a trip to the college last week to get some guidance and she shows Sarah the class plan she will need to follow for her career choice and then takes us to a computer and says here you go, sign up for your classes. Ummm okay. It took us quite a while to sit there and figure it out but we finally did. So Cheer Girl is officially signed up for her first semester at college. Now just to figure out the finances... BIG SIGH. Cheer Girl qualifies for her first two years tuition free. She has to cover her books and supplies. We are waiting now to hear if she will qualify for anything in grants. She will need to get a part time job as soon as possible to start saving for the extras. Hoping and praying that she can find something.

Oh and you remember, pizza boy, casino boy, security boy.... well he is now valet boy. Not much else to say about that right now.

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