Monday, January 11, 2010

Origami girl.........

Origami girl has developed some interests over the last half year or so of her life. I kinda wondered if she would ever find her niche lol.

Pizza boy has always been slightly interested in sports, volunteering, JROTC.

Cheergirl has always been into cheer and dancing.

But poor little origami girl didn't have much interest in anything. She has always been good at origami but that doesn't occupy much time. Just recently she started writing. She writes all the time. She has done several short stories. She recently read a book and didn't like the ending so she sat down and wrote her own ending. She also recently started showing an interest in drawing. Some of her stuff has been pretty good for a beginner.To nurture here interest she received some drawing supplies for Christmas.

This Friday her school will be doing a walk. The theme of this year's march is "It's Time to Totally Fulfill the Dream of Dr. King". Students are able to submit art work dipicting which is appropriate for the occasion. Not really positive on how this works but I believe several students will be selected to present their work. Origami girl really wanted to draw something but was hesitant because she is afraid to present her work if she is chosen. She finally gave into her desire to draw and finished up her work this morning.
She chose to depict MLKs "I Have Dream Speech" in her poster. She even added the Washington Monument in the background.

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vburns (from CF)) said...

Very nice drawing!

I am so impressed that she took the initiative to write a new ending to the book that disappointed her! There are many times that I've seen a movie or read a book and not liked the ending... but for her to actually write a new ending is great!! :0)