Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pecan Pie.......

I am on a mission. I am looking for a pecan pie recipe for hubby. My hubby has always been a fan of Mrs. Smith's pecan pies. Nothing else compares in his mind. It has a smooth, creamy and light colored texture to the filling with just a light topping of pecans on top.

We can no longer find Mrs. Smith's pecan pies and looking at their website they no longer even have the pecan pie listed. I have tried many recipes over the years and none have been quite right.

Finally, yesterday I came closer. Hubby even requested I make a second one so he could give it as a gift. How is that for getting closer to success LOL.

Most recipes I have found call for equal parts sugar and corn syrup. The recipe I tried yesterday called for a higher amount of corn syrup over the sugar. I am afraid of going to high on the corn syrup because it might get runny, maybe I should use more egg in that case. Recipe also called for dark corn syrup but I just used light instead. I just don't know what else to change . If anyone has any suggestions they are greatly appreciated

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