Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Good and the Bad of Gardening.............

First off we will start with the bad so we can end this post on a positive
When I was out watering my garden a couple days ago I notice that I had a huge amount of black ants in a small section where I have corn. The little buggers had sheared off a stalk of corn! This is WAR!!!!!
Looks like they are starting to work on another stalk.We try to fight pests as organically as we can so we blended up an orange in the blender, peel and all and poured it down any ant hole we could find. So far they just seem to think I am just offering them some party supplies.Moving on to some good garden pics...
Beautiful blossoms on one of my cucumber plants.
A yellow squash.
Another yellow squash.Peppers.
And todays harvest.
This is our first attempt at potatoes and it looks like we are going to have success. These little ones were popping out of the soil so I couldn't resist the temptation and pulled them out.
These will probably be the only berries we will get. I think I should frame them instead of eating them.
And this is my first tomato of the season. I waited until I had dropped daughter off at school for a dress rehearsal before eating it so I wouldn't have to share.

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