Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Neurotic Dog has Struck Again!!!

I have a very neurotic border collie. Any type of banging or popping sound drives him insane. Anything similar to fireworks or gunfire or a swinging screen door.

He has done some serious damage over the last few years. I can not leave the dogs outside when I leave the house to go anywhere because he panics and jumps the fence. When I leave the dogs in the house and I go somewhere I pray the wind doesn't pick up and cause a noise that will frighten him.

I have come home to some total disasters. He has torn down several mini blinds fighting to get out the windows. Now when I go somewhere I go through the house and make sure that every window is locked. A couple weeks ago when I went to town he jumped on top of my dresser, knocking down my huge tower of acrylic paints and a few other odds and ends and forced the window open. What a mess.

Once again he pulled another stunt this week. I had made sure that all the windows were locked but he again jumped on my dresser and managed to get my window unlocked and knocked over a stack of pictured in frames and a very large television. I havent tested the television yet to see if it is damaged but there was pieces of broken glass everywhere from the busted up picture frames.. what a mess.

Doggy valium is definitely needed.

Look at this innocent looking guy, surely he isnt the culprit.

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