Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our Family Nut Strikes Again..............

Sigh... never a dull moment!

Teen daughter had a black light in her room over the weekend. Monday morning dawns, it is time to get ready to for school and she can't see for the great makeup production so she decides to change the light bulb. Since she had already turned the light on when she woke up the black light was very hot already so she carefully used a t shirt to take out the bulb and tossed it on her bed (why on her bed I have no idea). After putting her regular light bulb in the socket she sat down on her bed............... can you see where this is headed? Yes, she sat on the very hot black light bulb................. and burned her butt. It is a pretty bad burn and I must be an extremely loving mother because I did help her place a large bandage over it. Wonder what her cover story was in school as she hobbled around for the day.

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Anonymous said...

She Is a True Aultman LOL i am giggling so hard.

Love big sis